Our Services

Our unique service has been tailor-made for architects and building service professionals.

It’s a simple six step process…

1. Upload
Fixie services upload diagram


We can fix models for 3D printing produced in all leading CAD applications.

Please export and upload what you want to print as any of the following formats:

OR CHOOSE 2D to 3D Conversion

Not starting with a 3D file? No problem!

We can carefully model from your plans, sections and elevations to create a print-ready digital model of your design and supply you with the completed file.


If your project site is looking quite lonely we can help you ensure that the full story is communicated.

Send us the extents of what you want included in the 3D printed model and we will source this data for you at the specified level of detail.
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2. Brief
Fixie Services workflow brief diagram
Let our specification tool guide you through the briefing process.

3. 3D File Fix
Fixie Services workflow 3D File Fix diagram
Architectural file fixing for 3D print is not a straightforward task. We know that you don’t have time to ensure that your design is watertight for 3D printing.

That’s why we have built a 24-7 file fixing platform to prepare your files according to your bespoke brief. This process involves fixing all errors, filling holes, strengthening or resizing elements and hollowing to reduce material usage.

On top of that, our pricing is straightforward!


4. Review
Fixie Services workflow Review diagram
Our unique project tracking tools allow you to keep an eye on progress, stress-free with no surprises.

Arriving in June 2019.

5. 3D Print
Fixie Services workflow 3D Print diagram
Having expertly prepared your files, as per your brief, it would be a shame not to press print!

Our print solutions offer a variety of options to meet your demands.

6. Finishing
Fixie Services workflow finishing diagram
Sometimes humans can still be useful! Especially when they come from the Superhuman city of Kandor (Modelmakers).

We can add the finishing touches to your model, whether you require spray finishing, trees or glazing.
Fixie Services workflow extra services diagram

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