Our Expertise



Fixie has frequently worked successfully with leading architectural firms—big and small—from each of the AJ Top 100 to innovative smaller practices, on all scales of projects.

We have continuously adapted our service to meet clients’ unique demands. We’re accustomed to working directly with architectural project teams as well as delivering overflow support to in-house model-making teams. Many of our clients were first time users, that we guided through the process to become fully fledged advocates of 3D printing.


Michelle Greeff is the founder of Fixie. She has led the development of 3D printing for the AEC sector in the UK.

From initially developing digital model to 3D printing workflows in South Africa, she grew the UK’s leading 3D printing bureau from the ground up.

Fixie marks the next step in this journey with a focus on making 3D printing ubiquitous within architectural workflows.