Fixie finds a home with Kandor Modelmakers


As a new company, we’ve been emboldened and encouraged by all of the conversations we’ve been having both with clients and potential collaborators. We’re continuing to define and refine what we offer - keeping an open mind has allowed many unexpected and rewarding discussions!

With Fixie we have our own independent aspirations of being the go-to solution for architectural 3D printing. Not only in London or the UK, but also building on the unique experience of creating the market in the UK to expand to cities worldwide.

We’re at the same time also keenly aware that 3D printing alone may not be the appropriate solution for all architectural models. We recognise the warmth and narrative that a hand finish adds to a detailed 3D print.

Modelmaking tradition: James Stirling inspects a model with a young(er!) David Gomm, now a Director at Kandor Modelmakers.

Modelmaking tradition: James Stirling inspects a model with a young(er!) David Gomm, now a Director at Kandor Modelmakers.

Kandor Modelmakers have been working with the architectural sector for 40 years. Their wealth of experience and the quality of their craftsmanship has seen them help to communicate the visions of all leading architectural firms, time and time again.

Kandor and Fixie have a mutual understanding of the reciprocal need for technology to support craftsmanship and skill to complement efficiency. We’re therefore combining our resources under one roof.

Fixie and Kandor will be cohabiting in a 15,000 sq. ft. model workshop in Stratford. We will be offering the entire scale and spectrum of architectural model making utilising the most appropriate techniques and technologies for each project.

Our research is teaching us that architects don’t just require a 3D printing assistant, but are also in need of an architectural model making assistant that has a full working knowledge of 3D technologies. This means that architects can get support in the entire model making process irrespective of the software and processes they use internally.

By joining forces with Kandor we can easily transform the rigid precision of 3D printed models into warm and welcoming models that better help to tell the story. Along with undergoing a modernisation and rebranding process Kandor will be able to supplement their unrivalled model making capabilities with 3D printed elements and techniques.

If the project requires a simple 3D printed sketch model or a fully operational, interactive marketing model (or anything in between), we’re now proud and excited to be able to assist on any scale of project.

Looking forward to sharing more from our new home!

Michelle Greeff